Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unusual Chair

Brian's old school mate, Emily Pilloton, has become quite the designer of earth-friendly home furnishings! Here is a chair that she made out of Heineken labels (which actually brought to mind David Nelson's front yard in 1977 when he was "growing" Heineken bottles) as well as a link to a New York Times article about Emily from last April.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My OTHER Favorite Pianist...

...aside from Mookie Siegel and Pete Sears! Peter Mintun. Someone on posted a link to Robert Altman's website (the photographer, not the director) and I remembered he took that great photo of Marmaduke so I surfed on over. Anyway, I found a picture of Peter Mintun and a link to HIS site! I used to love to go to L'Etoile (one of San Francisco's best French restautants) on Nob Hill because, in addition to great food, Peter Mintun played the piano there. As for the food, L'Etoile was great. It's gone now - the owner, Claude Rouas, owns Napa's famous Auberge du Soleil. My dad gave Claude and his brothers, Maurice and Albert, their first jobs when they came to this country. Anyway, here is the photo I found of Peter Mintun.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Me and my godson, Christmas 1970

I was "very Jennifer Juniper" back then.

Welcome to my Blasts from the Past Blog

After I was contacted by someone asking about the King's Beach Bowl (Lake Tahoe, CA, venue that was popular in 1967-1968) I found some photos I took of Buffalo Springfield when they played there. That prompted me to start this new page with old stuff on it so I can keep my other page for current items only instead of wandering down memory lane (which might be fun for me but probably bores the hell out of anyone else) (but hey, this is all "my book about ME, right?"

Anyway, here is a picture of Steve Stills, Neil Young and Richi Furay from August 1967 in Tahoe. I scanned the slide and think I may have printed it backwards so I just reversed it.